Thursday, March 25, 2010

How to make it in america

Mark Wahlberg is the mastermind behind the hit HBO series Entourage. Right now Mark have teamed up together with his producers once again and also debuted How To Make It In America. You can consider this to be a prequel to Entourage is some factors. Where Entourage is a peek at success, popularity, lots of money, and also celeb status, it's never really shown the audiences how the star Vince Chase, got to where he is at. Mark Wahlberg produced the show How To Make It In America in order to show off the hurdles and struggles that every entrepreneurs experience before they make it in America. How To Make It In America shows the tale of two different stories about the pursuit of success.

The show features two friends, Ben Epstein and Cam Calderon, from an area where its dog eat dog: New York City. Ben and Cam have grown up together as childhood buddies and each equally had a vision of living the American dream. While Ben has a much more down to earth and realistic approach, Cam is much more driven and street intelligent person. That they complement each other great due to their distinct personalities plus the motivation they provide to each other. Both of them have jumped in one concept towards the next with certain obstacles within their way. Cash has always been a big concern for them and sometimes they've problems balancing the budget. They come across a roll of premium denim and also have huge desires of developing a stylish brand of jeans called Crisp. While in the process on their way to riches, Ben and Cam continues to be hit roadblocks. Most importantly, that they begin to build up relationships with people in different industries. Relationships are everything in business. Without giving too much away, another thing leads to another as well as opportunity awaits them.

Cam's cousin Rene Calderon served jail time but was released at the pilot episode. Rene comes off as a serious mafia type business man. Money is every thing to him and also every single cent counts. Rene has had some achievement with different ventures and has frequently had to lend cash to Cam but usually withstrict settlement deadlines and consequences. Out of jail Rene builds up a new energy beverage called the Rasta Monsta. Even though he has got an optimistic perspective sales haven't started to take off yet because of tough competition.

How to make It In America showcases the hustle and failures that many business people undergo. Not everybody believes on their plans at times they are left with no other option than to take risks whether it be borrowing money or even by using rent money to fund their thoughts. While How To Make It In America is definitely barely in to its first season, everything has started to go in Ben and Cam's favor. What you should take away from How To Make It In America is that all this starts with an idea. Some of the ideas work and a few will not. There isn't any secret formula for success. Once you have a thought you'll have a that will put it on action. When you are being consistent without quitting, you can not flunk.

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